SmartPot 60 System

SmartPot 60 System

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The SmartPot 60 System is a highly efficient and extremely effective autowatering system which combines traditional autowatering systems with fabric pots for even better results! SmartPots allow your plants to thrive by aerating, feeding and guiding the roots rather than simply containing them like in traditional plastic pots.

  • SmartPots are porous BPA-free and lead free.
  • Provides optimal gas exchange within the substrate.
  • Moistue levels and nutrient uptake are drastically improved, resulting in mega growth!
  • Can be easily extended by connecting several pots to a single tank.

    System includes:

  • 1 x 400ltr FlexiTank
  • 1 x 16mm click-fit tank adaptor & filter
  • 1 x 30meter 6mm pipe
  • 1 x 25meter 16mm pipe
  • 1 x 16mm cross connector
  • 30 x 16mm-6mm cross connector
  • 3 x 16mm in-line tap
  • 60 x 1Pot tray & lid
  • 60 x 18.9ltr Smartpot
  • 60 x AQUAvalve
  • 60 x PotSock Round